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12/22/2020 Circuit Protection, Control, and Sensing Design Considerations for Smart Home Security Applications All About Circuits

This article explores components that protect and control their circuits in wired and wireless security cameras and wired doorbell cameras.

12/17/2020 Protecting AV Control Circuits SAE International

The safety and convenience offered by autonomous vehicles (AVs) cannot be achieved unless the vehicle’s electronic circuits are highly reliable and robust to electrical shocks.

11/30/2020 Schutz gegen multiple Überspannungen: Crowbar- Schaltung vermeidet Ausfälle

Elektronische Systeme sollten widerstandsfähig gegenüber transienten Netzbedingungen sein, Überspannungen dürfen ihnen nichts anhaben.

11/17/2020 Intelligent Circuit Protection and Sensing Design for Smart Home Locks and Access Controls All About Circuits

The combination of smartphone, networking, and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies has enabled the development of both the smart home and advanced building automation.

11/11/2020 Shock: Electric's Deadliest Act IAEI Magazine

More than 90% of electrical fatalities among US workers are due to electrical shock.

11/10/2020 Maximize Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Uptime with Robust Protection Technologies Embeded Computing Design

Advances in mobile electronic technologies are enabling the creation of new and more capable portable point of sale (POS) devices.

10/5/2020 Fusible Resistors vs Fuses Power Electronics Tips

Most people would probably agree that the time it takes to recharge their cell phone, gaming console, or tablet computer is both inconvenient and annoying.

9/20/2020 Safety Training and PPE Are Not First Lines of Defense Plant Services

New Littelfuse survey finds many safety-trained workers risk electrical shock to work on energized equipment.

9/20/2020 Report Notes the Need for Better Electrical Shock Safety Training Elektroinstallationsfirma

Just because workers have been trained on safety practices doesn’t mean they know how to avoid injury or even death from electrical shock.

8/3/2020 Protecting Autonomous Vehicle Control Circuits Power Electronic Tips

Those who follow autonomous vehicle technology are usually well aware of its benefits.

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