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7/21/2021 Electrical Shock: Downplayed and Deadly Electrical Safety in the Workplace

When workers are unsafe, a company cannot prosper. (See Page 16 for the full story.)

7/11/2021 How to Protect Low-Speed Interfaces and Power Supply Circuits All About Circuits

In this installation of the "Protect Your Ports! Top Design Tips to Keep Your Communications Connected" series, we'll discuss low-speed interfaces and power supply circuits—including audio/video ports, DC power supplies, and more—as well as various methods of how to protect them.

6/29/2021 Design Tips for Protecting High-Speed Interfaces All About Circuits

In this second installment of the "Protect Your Ports! Top Design Tips to Keep Your Communications Connected" series, we explore what protecting high-speed interfaces looks like, including USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and eSATA.

6/6/2021 Protecting Critical Onboard Charging Circuits in Next-Generation EVs Charged EVs

Incorporating robust circuit protection in electric vehicles ensures reliability and safety.

5/14/2021 Don't Touch That! Training, Deenergizing and Working Smart to Avoid Shock Incidents Elektroinstallationsfirma

Electricians are trained to avoid shock hazards, but that doesn’t mean they always pay heed. 

5/4/2021 Electrical Shock Is the Industry's Greatest Electrical Threat Panel Building & System Integration

Arc-flash safety is important. However, the electrical industry's deadliest act - electrical shock - is often forgotten.

5/1/2021 Key Considerations for Selecting an Arc-Flash Relay IAEI Magazine

This article informs specifying engineers, original equipment manufacturers, designers, and end users about the most important features in arc-flash relay technology so that they can select the best relay for their application.

4/14/2021 Protecting Power Over Ethernet (PoE / PoE++) Communications All About Circuits

This article is the first in the "Protect Your Ports! Top Design Tips to Keep Your Communications Connected" series from Littelfuse.

3/1/2021 Surge Protection for Photovoltaic Systems IAEI Magazine

Lightning's perfect storm for destruction is on the solar field. Solar panels' large-and often exposed and isolated-location make surge protection critical for it to last its lifespan.

2/5/2021 No Zapping! How to Design Safe and Reliable Wireless Charging Systems Power Electronics Tips

Smart use of protection components can help give consumers a trouble-free charge.

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