• 7700

    Foot-Operated Switches

  • Momentary Switches for Headlights, Dimmers and Turn Signals

  • Beschreibung: Dimmer Switch Connector, Foot Operated Sealed Turn Switch, foot-operated headlamp dimmer switch, Foot-operated headlamp dimmer switch, Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer switch, Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer Switch, Foot-Operated Start Switch, Foot-operated turn switch, Headlamp Dimmer Switch

  • Klemmen: 2 screw, 3 16AWG leads 5.75 (146.1mm) long, 3 blade, 3 screw, Packard Connector 12010293, Packard Connector 12015792, three screw, Three screw

  • Sealing: PVC Sealed - Weatherproof, Switch is PVC-sealed, Yes

  • 1305238939 75125

    Neutral Safety and Backup Switches

  • 10-35A Ball and Lever Actuator Style

  • Beschreibung: Back-Up Alarm Switch, Back-up Lamp Switch, Back-Up Lamp Switch, Back-Up Switch, Neutral Safety Switch Heavy Duty, Protective Boot

  • Additional Description: Has aluminum gasket/washer, Has gasket/washer, Has plunger button shaft, Has spring lever, Mates with Packard connector #2962679, Transmission mounted

  • Schaltung: SPST, SPST Normally Off On with plunger depressed

  • 8487

    Stoplamp Switches

  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Brake Light Switches

  • Beschreibung: Hydraulic Stoplamp Switch, Mechanical Stoplamp Switch

  • Schaltung: SPST

  • Klemmen: two 5/32 (3.96 mm) diameter male terminals, Two 6-32 screw, two male blades .250 in. ( 6.35 mm) wide, Two male bullet