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Accessories for Toggle Switches
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5543 15 82465
8250 M-598

Littelfuse's accessories protect both the physical integrity and the performance of our wide portfolio of toggle switches. For example, switch guard 82468 prevents damage to a toggle by covering the actuator, but also secures the switch and system in the Off (or On) position. In serving as a manual 'lock-out,' it prevents accidental actuation of the switch and system control is only allowed when the operator has deliberately raised the cover.

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Catalog #PackagingHousingCompare
81255GroßpackungVernickeltes Messing
81255-BPBubbleVernickeltes Messing
81255-BXBoxVernickeltes Messing
81264GroßpackungSilicone Rubber
81264-01GroßpackungSilicone Rubber
81264-01-BPBubbleSilicone Rubber
81264-01-BXBoxSilicone Rubber
81264-BPBubbleSilicone Rubber
81264-BXBoxSilicone Rubber
82468GroßpackungRed Plastic with Plated Steel Cap
82468-BXBoxRed Plastic with Plated Steel Cap

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Part Numbers: 82468 – Replaces Hot Feed D-585