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Manual Disconnect Switch Accessories
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24505 Lockout Lever Kit, suitable for For use with Cole Hersee brand lever actuated metal case master disconnect switches on applications needing a padlock to securely lock a Disconnect Switch in the Off position, which is required by many lock-out/tag-out safety regulations.

For use with Cole Hersee lever actuated master disconnect switches with a 3/4" diameter (19.1mm) mounting stem: 2484, 2484-A, 2484-06, 2484-09, 2484-16, 75903, 75904, 75904-01, M-284, M-284-A, M-284-01, M-284-02, M-289, M-290, M-290-01, M-290-05.

For 24505, 24505-02, 24505-03, and 24505-04, we recommend the use of a padlock with a 5/16" (7.9mm) diameter shackle.

For 24505-01, we recommend the use of a padlock with 7mm diameter shackle.

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Catalog #PackagingDescriptionDetailsSizeMounting stemSample CapableObsolete DateCompare
Katalog-Nr.VerpackungBeschreibungDetailsGrößeMounting stemMusterfähigAuslaufdatumVergleichen
245053/4in dia
19.1mm dia
24505-BXBoxLockout lever kitLever and Flange Plate for Padlock use metal case master disconnect switchesNein
82065-02-BXBoxFace PlateOff-On Marking
With Indexing Pin
82065-022 1/2in dia
63.5mm dia
820652 1/2in dia
63.5mm dia
80101-B2.21L x 1.50W x 0.82H
56.1 x 38.1 x 20.8mm
00227200Schutz für 08099170
00902200Key for 08080300 08080400
00902500Chain for 08098880 08080380 08080480
00903000Resistance for 08080100 08080400
08089800Schlüssel für 08080800
08099300Schlüssel für 08098300
08099600Griff für 08098600
08099700Schlüssel für 08098700
08099800Griff für 08098800
08099900Schlüssel für 08099000
Auslaufdatum: 29.04.2017
Face Plate O-I Marking Without Indexing Pin2 1/2in dia
63.5mm dia
Auslaufdatum: 14.08.2018
Kappe für M6-Kontakt für 080995008/14/18
Auslaufdatum: 14.08.2018
Kappe für 080990008/14/18
Auslaufdatum: 14.08.2018
Griff für 080988808/14/18
Auslaufdatum: 14.08.2018
Kappe für 080988808/14/18
Auslaufdatum: 14.08.2018
Cap for 08080300 080804008/14/18

pdf icon Manual Disconnect Switch Accessories Datasheet

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P/N CVP230Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Battery Disconnect Switch Selection Guide and Brochure. Features details on how to selection the correct switch, an IP rating chart and a table to aid in the selection of a switch.

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Document Code: 93023700

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Document Code: 93022600

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