TVS-Diodenarrays von Littelfuse schützen empfindliche Telekommunikationsanschlüsse vor ESD und durch Blitzschlag induzierte Überspannungen.

3.0pF, 30A Discrete TVS Diode Array in a compact SOD232 package

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TVS-Diodenarrays der SP4208-Baureihe

CHICAGO, January 29, 2018 Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, today introduced a series of AEC-Q101-qualified TVS Diode Arrays optimized to protect sensitive telecommunication ports against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning-induced surge events. SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes) integrate low capacitance steering diodes with either one avalanche breakdown diode (for unidirectional protection) or two (for bidirectional protection). They can safely absorb up to 30A of surge current and a minimum of ±30kV ESD without performance degradation. Their low loading capacitance (3.0pF) and high surge capability make them well-suited for protecting telecommunication ports such as Ethernet and other high-speed data interfaces.

Typical applications for SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays include:

  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
  • T1/E1/T3/E3.
  • USB 1.1/2.0, power ports.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Medizinische Geräte
  • Computers and peripherals.

"The SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays combine a standoff voltage of 8V with a low dynamic resistance, which supports those implementations of G.Fast that run at higher voltages," said Tim Micun Business Development Manager, TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes) at Littelfuse. "Their 'flow-through' design minimizes signal distortion, reduces voltage overshoot, and allows for a simpler printed circuit design."

Die TVS-Diodenarrays der Baureihe SP4208 bieten folgende wichtige Funktionen und Vorzüge:

  • The 8V nominal standoff voltage permits a higher operating voltage, which is an increasingly important consideration for high speed interfaces.
  • Low parasitic capacitance (nominally 3.0pF) allows for an appropriate amount of bandwidth to enable high speed Ethernet interfaces.
  • Extremely low dynamic resistance (nominally 0.4Ω) helps to ensure the fastest response during an ESD event.

SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays are available in SOD323 packaging in tape and reel format in quantities of 3,000. Muster können weltweit über autorisierte Littelfuse Distributoren angefordert werden. Eine Liste der Littelfuse-Distributoren finden Sie auf

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Additional information is available on the SP4208 Series TVS Diode Array product page. For technical questions, please contact: Tim Micun Business Development Manager, TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes),

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